Emerald Country Tour

Sonoma County, Full Day Tour

Enjoy a full day immersed in Emerald Country. Emerald Country is the northern California cannabis corridor where the battle for legalized marijuana was waged. The full day includes a private VIP cannabis shop visit, a locally sourced Farm Trail lunch, and an up-close and personal experience with cannabis plants. You will learn about different cannabis cultivars (varietals) and how cannabis is grown, harvested, and cured. Sonoma county is known as the ‘Gateway to the Emerald Triangle’. As part of your tour, you will have access to some of the most unique strains and finest craft cannabis in the world. Throughout the day you will learn about our local cannabis history and culture. Join us! 

Public Full Day $189 per person

Approx 7 hrs

VIP cannabis shop visit, lunch, cannabis plant experience

Private Tours Available

Booked by the vehicle, up to 27 passengers

Rivers, Redwoods, and Ocean Adventure

Sonoma County

Our most active outdoor adventure. Enjoy a full day exploring the stunning natural beauty of west Sonoma County. Tours may include a VIP cannabis shop, followed by a jaunt in a redwood tree grove, a coastal hike, or time on the river relaxing in Kush Valley. Throughout the day, you will learn about our regions cannabis history and culture. This tour is seasonal, offered from May to Sept, weather permitting.

Starting From $179 Per Person
Approx 5 hour
VIP Cannabis Shop Visit
Old Growth Redwood Grove Experience
Coastal Hike
Private Beach on the Russian River, Kush Valley
Lunch included